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We’re here for the disruptors!


We work with organisations and people who are at the front of the curve. Those who are challenging the status quo - dreaming, creating and leading the way. 


At House of Kitch, we’re extremely excited by the spirit of invention – we believe that this is what drives humanity forward.  


Creative communications are a very powerful way to paint a vision that people want to be part of. A deep understanding of behaviour change is at the core of adoption of new technologies.


We develop clever communication strategies which combine our understanding of behaviour change theory and storytelling techniques with cutting-edge communications to amplify your innovations to the universe. 

Anyone who has worked in disruptive innovation knows that it feels like pushing shit up a hill most of the time. That’s where we can come in - helping you to bring ideas to life, inspire people to come on the journey and create new norms.


We love working on new technologies – the more complex the better. From neuromorphic supercomputers to autonomous subsea vehicles; from transformational HIV treatments to orbital imaging – we make the complex simple and the simple desirable. 

Let us leap across the chasm with you, and the masses will follow.


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