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Sustainability is the biggest issue impacting our current and future lives on Earth and beyond. At House of Kitch we take sustainability projects seriously to create behaviour change that has long-lasting impact. 


Building a more sustainable world doesn’t happen in isolation and requires a coordinated approach from businesses, investors, and governments. 


And when it comes to business, sustainability is mainstream — it’s not an optional extra.


Consumers want sustainability (and make their decisions accordingly), while employees want a sense of purpose towards people and the planet. The economic opportunities of sustainability are obvious, from reducing waste to building a healthier and happier society. In the long-term, profit is made from solving environmental and social problems - not by creating more of them.

We understand that large scale change happens first at the local level. However, this can’t be done individually. Behavioural change research shows that we align our actions with the social norms of our community and peer groups, reinforced by identity and collective efficacy. 

Big societal shifts move when we are inspired to work together under a unifying vision.


House of Kitch has worked on numerous strategic projects to drive sector wide environmental change. These include:

  • Love Food Hate Waste Partnership Strategy for Australian Environmental Protection Authority to collaborate across the food industry from supermarket chains to food delivery services, the hospitality sector and local councils united to save $2.5 billion worth of edible food each year.

  • WWF Australia Food Sustainability Marketing Strategy to deliver a compelling positioning for WWF in food sustainability that united food supply chain, retailers, government, NFPs and consumers to drive changes that increased sustainability and decreased waste.

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