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Bringing RAAF Plan Jericho to life at Avalon Air Show

The brief was to bring the vision of a fifth generation Air Force to life and inspire people to be part of protecting Australia’s freedoms into the future. From inspiring kids with Jasper’s dream of flight and a future in aerospace, to inspiring people across Defence with the spirit of innovation, to inspiring our leaders with the incredible opportunities of a future which combines creativity with technology. No matter how different our audiences are we are all driven by human emotion, stimulated by colour and imagination, and awed by the incredible talent within us all. What a privilege to work on something at this scale, with the creative freedom, support of leadership at the most senior levels, and the opportunity to deeply collaborate with so many talented RAAF people and external partners. With all the metrics we have to measure success, the most telling metric was the wonder on people’s faces as they immersed themselves in our world.

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