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I got 5 stitches in my hand, and I am truly thankful

It was early evening, peak hour, beautiful spring day. I left work in Surry Hills a little bit early as I wanted to see my kids and hear how my daughter’s speech competition had gone that day.

I was riding up Campbell street on a bike path wearing my favourite pair of black high top Converse sneakers with white laces. The laces slowly wound their way around the pedal and my foot was literally tied to the bike. I lost my balance, bike fell over, I put out my hand to break my fall. I thought I had come out unscathed until I looked at my hand which was covered in blood and had a deep gash. Some really nice people came to help me up, including a lovely guy that worked at Concrete Duck cafe who tied my shoelace for me. Next thing I was in St Vincent’s emergency getting 5 stitches in my hand. The nurses and doctors were great, and I feel truly thankful.

What I feel most thankful for is that this minor accident happened on a bike path, and so it was a minor accident. Had it been on a road it could have been fatal. Peak hour riding on Sydney roads at night is scary.

I am a commuter cyclist. I believe in it, I love it, I get an hour’s worth of exercise a day and it is the most efficient way for me to get around.

I am thankful that Clover Moore and City of Sydney Council had the foresight and leadership to build separated cycleways in the face of public criticism. I only wish that others could show the same leadership so my entire ride home is on a separated cycleway. I also wish that more people are able to enjoy riding home safely, and am grateful for the work of Bicycle NSW in advocating for better cycle paths.

I didn’t get to see my kids that night, but I did see them the next morning. I still get tears in my eyes as I think about how lucky I was to only have gotten 5 stitches.

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