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The best awards are those that are an honour to work on

RAAF Plan Jericho: Highly Commended NSW Public Relations Institute Golden Target Awards!

Plan Jericho’s activation at Avalon 2017 was highly commended in the NSW Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) Golden Target Awards this week. The Golden Target Awards are the PR industry’s longest-running and most prestigious Awards. The entries are judged by a panel of public relations leaders and industry sector experts.

About the entry: Chief of Air Force's Avalon 2017 theme was: Plan Jericho is successfully leading the RAAF’s transformation to become the world's first fifth-generation air force through innovation and partnering with industry.

The campaign was about bringing Plan Jericho to life at Avalon 2017. There were three elements that were very special for me about working on this campaign.

  1. The appetite for innovation and communicating differently. It is pretty exceptional to be able to work on an innovation platform with Air Force Plan Jericho. Sure, we used tools such as a life-size hologram to bring the Jericho vision to life in 3D at the Air Show; but I have a profound respect for the real innovations across the aerospace domain.

  2. Story telling with tech leaders. This activation was about bringing storytelling, partnerships and technology together, a very rich territory. We had Saab displaying Jericho HoloLens innovation; BAE on acquisition sprints; Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and Rockwell Collins spoke to various interconnectivity/situational awareness platforms.

  3. The team work and people having your back. This was my first military experience. Working with people who have each other’s backs, and look after each other and those around them, was a first for me. There are remarkable people who dedicate their lives to the protection of our country and our way of life. Getting to know some of them, and having the opportunity to work with them, was more of an honour than any award.

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