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The rise of women’s professional sports is perhaps one of the greatest opportunities to redefine femininity and equality through powerful role models with diverse portrayals of what being a girl or woman is.​ Since 2018, House of Kitch has been proud to partner with the NSW Office of Sport and more recently Football Australia on this mission.


Initially, House of Kitch worked closely with the NSW Office of Sport to develop the Her Sport Her Way strategy. In a unique collaboration with experts at the University of Sydney, we looked at the women’s sporting landscape through the Social Ecological Model. We used extensive research and consultation to understand challenges and barriers to participation, and the best ways to overcome those barriers using collaboration across major sporting codes, sponsors, media and brands.


We then developed a multi-stakeholder communication strategy and engagement plan, strategically targeting non-traditional sporting partners during the strategy development process. This provided insights and mechanisms to capture new participants, audiences and sponsors for women’s sport.


We have supported the Strategy's implementation through empowering elite female athletes with storytelling skills, and highlighting to brands the unique value proposition in sponsoring women’s sport in order to drive real investment.

When the the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™  started breaking all records and effecting a global uprising in passion, engagement and love for women’s sport Football Australia knew there would be so much to learn and leverage from this pivotal moment.

House of Kitch, working with Football Australia and the NSW Office of Sport, brought together over 400 global trailblazers, local change-makers and junior players in a very special event – The Winning Playbook: Leading Innovative Change in Sport. The event sought to unlock the future potential for our women and girls by gathering key learnings and innovative practices from all aspects of the game from players to advertising executives that will help propel all women's sports even further in the future. 

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